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Market Research 101: The Need-To-Know Details

In any business (regardless of industry) market research stands the test of time as an invaluable tool. The collection and analysis of consumer information can effectively inform and shape the development of products and services — as well as the distribution and continued evolution of those offerings. Leveraging the power of surveys, questionnaires, focus groups […]
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The Top 5 Mistakes Made When Developing Hotel Software

Developing new technology is no small task, especially when so many industries around the globe rely almost entirely on the continued evolution of cutting-edge platforms and capabilities. Hospitality is no exception; the software that hoteliers invest in will play a pivotal role in curating the guest experience and, ultimately, deciding a hotel’s success.  The software […]
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The future of market research: 2020 and beyond

With no ability to foresee the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on all of us in both our personal and work life before the new year, organizations have had to be agile to navigate, 2020. Despite the halt, perhaps even a ‘reshuffling of the deck’ of what we call our day-to-day life, businesses’ rules have […]
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