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New survey reveals top-performing content for lead generation in a changed marketing landscape

Without customers, business owners can’t sell their product or services. Without leads, businesses don’t have any customers. And without lead generation efforts… Well, how can you expect to have any leads? In many ways, attracting and retaining customers is a long-winded courtship. Businesses are expected to identify and, more importantly, intimately understand the wants, needs, […]
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Crystal Ball: What is Next for 2021?

It’s hard to imagine that anyone had the foresight to know what 2020 had in store. When the clock struck midnight on January 1st, 2020, many of us were consumed with grand ideations and expectations for the upcoming year – promises of personal development, career growth, and flourishing relationships. Any unconscious acknowledgement of the ruling […]
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Has COVID-19 Really Brought City Living to a Grinding Halt?

When you step out of your apartment onto the street, you’re hit with a rush of city noise. Somewhere close by, a car honks at an Uber idling in front of a building waiting for its passenger. Excited voices bounce off the walls of buildings in alleyways and spill onto the nearby sidewalks. A man […]
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Investors Bet Big on Latest Pharma Tech Start-Up ClinTex

Investors Bet Big on Latest Pharma Tech Start-Up ClinTex In 2014, Brendan Mannion was in Vienna, Austria, for the DIA Forum, watching as his business partner delivered a presentation on the application of data analytics within clinical trials. The annual forum attracts healthcare professionals from around the world, setting the stage for high-level discussions of […]
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